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Confined Space Entry Online

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to determine the hazards at the workplace and reduce them accordingly. One of the major concerns in reference to workplace hazards is the subject of Confined Space Entry. This subject can be very complex and confusing to determine what areas of the workplace could be Confined Spaces or the new defintition, a restricted space.


Part 5 of the Safety Code, of the 2009 Alberta Act and Regulation defines a Confined Space and notes the responsibility to assess the risks and train employees. How do employers go about designing a proper program and protecting their employees? A simple and fast way to start is to register at on the online site. One simple program that is about 2.5 hours is the Confined Space Basics online educational tool.


Employers like the fact that it has simple and easy training information to provide the basics to their employees in the comfort of their own office or home. No need to travel outside the workplace and fit into someone elses training schedule. Workers can understand the basic responsibilities of entering and working around confined and restricted spaces by using the online course and passing an exam online.


Basic awareness of the risks and controls of confined space entry is provided through this multi media learning system. Controls to adhere to are suggested such as: zard


Elimination or substitution: ie Do not enter the confined space or design a structure in portions so it is not confined


Engineering controls: ie- Inert, blank/blind, double bleed, ventilate or lockout


Administrative controls: ie- Detection equipment, rules an d regulations, work permits, buddy system


Personal protective equipment – ie- steel toed boots, nomex coveralls, Kevlar ppe, scba,saba


Hazards are reviewed such as atmospheric hazards – ie- explosive and flammable environment, enriched oxygen levels, lack of oxygen, h2s, carbon monoxide, toxic environments


Physical hazards include Ie hydraulic and mechanical energy, electricity, engulfment, entrapment, trenches that could cave in, flooding, sharps


The online program is an excellent means to introduce your employees to the general hazards of a confined space. For employers, it is a good beginning point to develop a program for your workplace.


Courses for Online Confined Space available at Allstar Enviro Safety.

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